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Love Sees No Borders was established by Marta Donayre and Leslie Bulbuk in August 2001 to advocate on behalf of binational same-sex couples in trying to live in the Unites States. We are not a legal organization, and if you require legal counseling please contact the National Center for Lesbian Rights, Immigration Equality, Lambda Legal, or the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission for help with asylum cases.

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Love Sees No Borders also makes it possible for couples to share their stories. These are very brave people who are tired of suffering because they face tremendous hurdles when all they are interested in is loving their partners, and in keeping their families intact. Our circumstances are not necessarily the same, but all of us share one thing -- our struggle to keep our families together. If you are a couple willing to share your story, please contact us at info@loveseesnoborders.org.

Here are some other stories that help illustrate how broad and painfull this matter is for countless of Americans and their partners:

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Corey and Alber
Sophie and Ann
Hans and Phil
Ana and Mary
Glen Retief and his Partner

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