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Love Sees No Borders has actively participated in the following stories (sorry, some links are not available):

2006 Coverage

- Where are gays in immigration debate?,Bay Area Reporter, April 13
- Shared Struggle: Gays, Immigrants Each Can Be Labeled 'Illegal,' Pacific News Service, April 12
- Love Sees No Borders Founder: Who are the Illegals?, PageOneQ, April 2006
- Rainbow flags and immigrants, Washington Blade, April 12
- Gay activists fight for immigrant rights , The Advocate, April 8
- San Francisco Hunger Strikers receive suport from Love Sees No Borders,
What's Gay In San Jose? March 21
- Love Sees No Borders Supports Hunger Strike for Immigrant Rights,
We The People, March 21
- San Francisco Hunger Strike Coverage, KTVU Channel 2, March 21
- Love Sees No Borders co-founders' interview,
Closet Free Radio, February 20
- Parejas del mismo sexo piden igualdad migratoria, La Opinion, February 20
Gay group disavows vandalism; Name, logo spray-painted at Va. home of anti-immigrant leader, New York Blade, February 9
- Police probe graffiti at Minutemen home, The Washington Times, February 3
- Graffiti Found Outside Minuteman's Home, The Observer, February 3
- Love Sees No Borders and the Bay Area Immigrant Rights Coalition Commemorate MLK Day, KPFA Radio, Jan. 16

2005 Coverage

- Uniting America's Families: Legislation for Bi-national, Same-sex Couples, El Observador, July 1, 2005
- Immigration Measure Seeks Relief for Binational Gay & Lesbian Couples,, June 2005
- Immigration Measure Seeks Equality For LGBT Bi-national Couples, We the People, June 2005
- Immigration measure seeks relief for binational couples,, June 2005
- Congress to revisit rights for bi-national couples, The Empty Closet, June 21, 2005
- Gender Bender, Metro, March 23-29, 2005
- Immigration barriers hurt gay couples, The Detroit News, March 21, 2005

2004 Coverage
- Group to honor lesbians and gays,
San Jose Mercury News, Nov. 12, 2004
- Colombia Grants Immigration Access to Same-Sex Foreign Partner: U.S. Lags Behind,
Proud Parenting.Com, Nov. 02, 2004
- Colombia Grants Immigration Access to Same-Sex Foreign Partner: U.S. Lags Behind,, Nov. 1, 2004
- California backs Partners Immigration Act
, Planet Out, Aug. 19. 2004
- The Mitch Albom Show, WJR 760 am, Michigan, Aug. 13, 2004
- Being Gay and Latino,
OutRight Radio (transmitted by NPR), June 16, 2004
For a show transcript, click here.
- Unable to Marry, Unble to Stay, The Washington Post, April 13, 2004
- Lesbian couple battles immigration problems, QueerDay, April 13, 2004
- Professional gay couples move north, Detroit News, March 17, 2004
- La lucha por un matrimonio gay , Univision, Feb. 2004
- Union reunion toasts marriages Overflow crowd 2,000 strong celebrates at Hyatt reception, The San Francisco Chronicle, Feb. 23, 2004
- Gay Couples Rush to San Francisco, Washington Post, Feb. 14, 2004
- Cobertura en los Medios Hispano Parlantes Sobre el Matrimonio Civil Entre Parejas del Mismo Sexo, GLAAD Media Archives , Feb. 13. 2004
- Inmigrantes homosexuales tienen doble batalla que luchar,, Feb. 11, 2004
- Same-Sex Partners Under Fire, Against the Grain on KPFA, Jan. 28, 2004
- Gay lives in limbo. U.S. immigration laws leave binational couples in the lurch
, San Francisco Chronicle, Jan. 11, 2004
- Brazil Approves Same-Sex Partner Immigration,
Gay Today, Jan. 5, 2004
- Going to Germany For Love, San Francisco gay man leaves U.S. to join partner barred from entry, Gay City News, Jan. 1-7
- Advocates Wonder of Feinstein is Listening, San Francisco Bay Times, January 1, 2004

2003 Coverage
- Brazil enacts inclusive immigration policy,, Dec. 31, 2003
- Brazil OKs partner immigration, Gay and Lesbian Times, Dec. 25, 2003
- Brazil Recognizes Gay Bi-National Couples, Gay City News, Dec. 25-Jan.1
- Brazil Beats U.S. in Providing Immigration Equality to Same-Sex Couples,, Dec. 19, 2003
- Extranjeros con pareja homsexual enfrentan problemas para obtener visas, CNN en Español, Dec. 4, 2003
- Double trouble for gay immigrants, Vida en el Valle, Dec. 3, 2003
- Parejas gay de estadounidense y extranjero afrontan dificultades, Yahoo! Noticias, Dic. 3, 2003
- Binational Gay Couples Have Hard Choices
, Associated Press, Nov. 23, 2003
- GLBT Immigration: A Road to Nowhere?,
Lavender Magazine, October 31, 2003
- Huge rally for immigrant rights "I know we can make a change," Socialist Worker, October 10, 2003
- A new road for binational couples, The Advocate, October 28, 2003
- No Green Cards for Gay Immigrants, KRON Channel 4, Aug. 11, 2003
- Partner immigration bill arrives in Senate,, Aug. 4, 2003
- LGBT Immigration/ Inmigracion LGBT
, Tentaciones Magazine, April 2003
- Immigration won't recognize gay unions,
The Sun, Jan. 29, 2003
- Love Sees No Borders: Immigration Rights for Gays/Lesbians/Trans, SFLRNews, Jan. 10, 2003

2002 Coverage
Unequal Immigration: Rules Differ For Married, Same-Sex Couples, ABC Channel 7 San Francisco Bay Area, Dec. 11, 2002. (You can also view the clip at
- U.S.A. slow to learn same-sex immigration rights pushed to forefront,
In Between The Lines, Oct. 25, 2002
- Immigration brought to a head,
In Between The Lines, Oct. 10, 2002
- Love Sees No Borders, But for G/L Permanent Partners: Access Denied
, Spectrum News, October, 2002
- Immigration law change could save gay binational families
, Outlook News, Sept. 26-30 (please scroll the page)
- Love may not see borders, but the U.S. does,
Between the Lines News, July 15, 2002
- Gay Pride on Parade,
San Jose Mercury News, July 1, 2002
- Lesbians, The INS, and 9/11
, Girfriends Magazine, June 2002
- Binational Couples: Alliance of Fear, The Gay and Lesbian Review Worldwide, March-April 2002
- Letter to the Editor, Synapse, Feb 28, 2002
- Enron Case Illustrates Gay Dependency on Employers,, Jan. 29, 2002
- Couple Realizes: Love Sees No Borders
, Philadelphia Gay News, Jan. 25-31, 2002
- A Estupidez da Intolerancia,
Forum: Outro Mundo em Bebate, Brazil, Jan. 2002
- L'étau se resserre aux États-Unis pour les couples binationaux de même sexe
, Direction Gay Quebec, Canada.
- Same-sex binational couples community much larger than expected, Seattle Gay News Online, Dec. 2001
- Bi-National Couples Targets of Crackdown
, Data Lounge, Dec. 11, 2001
- US Cracks Down On Binational Couples,, Dec. 7, 2001
- Staying Power: One Binational Couple is Taking on Congress and the INS to Challenge Immigration Laws, Curve Magazine, December 2001
- Immigration crackdown could hurt gay couples, Philadelphia Daily News, Nov. 20
- Binational Blockade: Binational Couples Shouldn't have to Fight to Stay Together, 6 of 6, Frontiers Magazine, Nov. 10
- NCLR Newsletter, National Center for Lesbian Rights, November 2001
- Same-Sex Binational Couples Face Hardship due to Terrorist Attacks, fab!, Oct. 26
- Another Downside of the Downturn,
The Advocate, Oct. 23
- Letters to the Editor, Frontiers Magazine, Oct.18
- September 11 GLBT Impact Continues, Out in the Mountains, Oct. 10
- PFLAG Newsletter, PFLAG San Jose, October 2001
- September 11 GLBT Impact Continues, Tampa Bay Coalition, October 2001
- GLAAD Latino Heritage Month Press Kit Op-Ed Piece, Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, September 2001
- Lost Visas May Split Gay Couples, San Jose Mercury News, Aug. 19
- Binational Couples Face Hassles Under 'Discrimmigration', Bay Area Reporter, Aug. 16
- Immigration Injustices Often Threaten Couples, Bay Area Reporter, June 21

Other Related Stories:

Kicked out of America, The Advocate, Feb. 3, 2004
Exiled by Love. Immigration law snubs gay partners, L.A. Weekly, Jan. 9-15, 2004
U.S. Immigration Restrictions Give Gay Couples Few Options, Washington Post, Dec. 28, 2003
Thank you, Sen. Santorum. Now I remember -- without the rosy post-9/11 patriotism coloring my view -- why I had to leave the United States,, April 29, 2003
- Lisa Bradshaw: Support House Resolution 690, The Oregonian, Dec. 09, 2002
- About to Say Goodbye, Obstreperous as Ever, New York Times, Nov. 17 2002
- Jon Benfer: An immigration law that calls out for justice, Minneapolis Star Tribune, Oct. 18, 2002
- Gay immigrants' rights hinge on new legislation, Houston Chronicle, Oct. 13, 2002
- Support grows for binational pairs' rights,, Sept 18, 2002
- Exiled from main street: U.S. Immigration laws compell some gay Americans to leave country, Creative Loafing Atlanta, Sep. 11, 2002
Couples struggle to stay together despite immigration laws: Town hall meeting in Washington draws attention to permanent partner proposal, Washingotn Blade, July 12, 2002
Union issue: bordering on rejection. US hardly welcomes partners of same sex but different nations, Boston Globe, June 16, 2002
- Same Sex Immigration, Genre Magazine
- Binational Blockade: Binational Couples Shouldn't have to Fight to Stay Together, 5 of 6, Frontiers Magazine, Oct. 12
- Bi-national couples face more restrictions, / Network, Oct. 02
- Binational Blockade: Binational Couples Shouldn't have to Fight to Stay Together, 4 of 6, Frontiers Magazine, Sept. 29
- Binational Blockade: Binational Couples Shouldn't have to Fight to Stay Together, 3 of 6, Frontiers Magazine, Sept. 15
- It's Time to End the Anti-Gay Bias in Immigration Law, Tallahassee Democrat, Sep.9
- Binational Blockade: Binational Couples Shouldn't have to Fight to Stay Together, 2 of 6, Frontiers Magazine, Sep. 6
- Gay Couples Continue Immigration Battle, The Houston Voice, Aug. 16
- Immigration laws hurt gay pairs, Arizona Republic, Aug. 7
- LOVE: Right or Privilege?, QURVE Magazine, June 2001
- Stranded Between Love and Country, Los Angeles Times, March 13
- Congress Ignores Gay And Lesbian Immigrants In Passing New Immigration Legislation, Oasis Magazine, January
- Domestic Partnership,

Previous years:
- Gore Calls For Lesbian And Gay Immigration Rights, Oasis Magazine, October 2000
- Worlds Apart, Phoenix New Times, June 22, 2000
- Congressman Nadler Introduces Legislation For Lesbian And Gay Binational Couples, Oasis Magazine, March 2000
- N.Y. Democrat picks Feb. 14 to introduce bill to grant immigration rights to gay couples, Gay. com, Feb. 10, 2000
- Immigration Equality, Gay Asian Pacifi Support Network, February 2000
- New bill extends immigration rights to gay couples, Southern Voice, Feb. 17, 2000
- Gay immigration bill pushed in Congress, The Advocate, Feb. 17, 2000
- Continental divide, The Advocate, Feb. 15, 2000
- Gay Americans Head North to Canada for Refuge, Data Lounge, July 15, 1999
- Changes in US Immigration Splitting Gay Couples, Data Lounge, March 23, 1999
- Immigration Laws Discriminate Against Same Sex Couples, Out in the Mountains, March 1998

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